LPG Calibration: for all your LPG equipment calibration and service needs

Propane Delivery Truck

Propane Delivery Truck

Features & Capabilities

  • Accurately measures and tests Flow Meters and Registers
  • Bulk Loading Meters
  • Delivery Truck Meters
  • Stationary Tanks at convenience stores and other retail outlets.

Accurate, Efficient, Convenient

LPG Calibration Services by Boyko’s Petroleum Service

Boyko’s Petroleum Service, Inc. is certified to provide expert calibration of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) flow meters.  Our skilled techs ensure your LPG equipment is calibrated correctly.  Of course, we provide all necessary documentation for compliance purposes.

Mobile Calibration Technology

Boyko’s comes to you!

With our new mobile calibration system for LPG, we can accurately measure and adjust flow meters wherever you are.  Our team will come to your location with our specialized equipment and provide expert testing, as well as any repairs that may be necessary.  Now you have the convenience of on-site inspections from a company you know and trust.  With our new technology, Boyko’s Petroleum Service, Inc. can:

  • Check & Repair systems that load trucks
  • Check and accurately calibrate truck meters
  • Check / inspect / maintain / repair stationary tanks at retail outlets / convenience stores

Service For LPG Delivery Fleets

The talented and certified technicians at Boyko’s are able to calibrate metering equipment at your terminal or any location.  Save time, money and frustration with the mobile calibration technology and excellent customer service provided by the professionals at Boyko’s Petroleum Service, Inc.

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